Internationally Recognized HIV Activist. Award-Winning HIV News Opinion maker. Host of #HIVscoop Series. Podcaster. Creator of AskHIV and Disclosur+ Apps. Motivational Speaker. Consultant.

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Who Is Josh Robbins? Ask Wikipedia. 

Whoever said that convergence was a ‘bad thing’ surely doesn’t understand technology. After 12 years as a talent agent, I was diagnosed with HIV and had a decision to make: stay quiet and allow the virus to be a liability professionally, or make a decision to make it a part of my professional journey by volunteering my expertise and experiences to those newly diagnosed–and at the right time monetize the experience as a consultant in sexual health communications to pharma and health info companies . I chose the latter.

A social media marketing, talent agency owning, journalism degree-holding, HIV-positive encouraging activist in Nashville. Yes, that’s me. I am Josh Robbins.

And there is a ton of convergence there.