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Josh Robbins is proud to have aligned his digital and social media networks and leveraged his followers to partner with projects of special interest to him. These partnerships and sponsorships provided opportunities to influence his social media followers with projects they would find interest, as well as facilitating KPIs and performance metrics goal success to be enjoyed by his clients.


Amino engaged Josh Robbins as the talent in a personal story video written, produced, edited, and starring Josh. The music was also licensed by Josh. The video was widely released on all social media channels with approved social media messaging.

Quest Diagnositics

The marketing firm for Quest Diagnostics began partnering with Josh Robbins as a social media influencer marketing campaign for their brand activations and sponsorships of AIDS Walks across the country in 2015, 2016, and 2017. This year Quest Diagnostics increased their partnership with [imstilljosh] to include their activations at Pride celebrations. Their 2016 campaign was nominated for a Shorty Award. This campaign utilizes all the social media assets of Josh Robbins.


In 2017, Napo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. partners with Josh Robbins as an influencer (leveraging his social media reach) and as a social media consultant for the launch of the new drug Mytesi™ in the United States.

HealtheVoices™ Conference

Janssen works with Josh Robbins by engaging him as a consultant, speaker and influencer for their annual health advocate conference, and has hired Josh to produce and star in their welcome video for the past two years.


How much do Americans really know about HIV/AIDS? We hit the streets to find out in this World AIDS Day video.For more info on HIV visit our resource center:

Posted by Healthline: HIV Awareness on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Healthline and Josh Robbins regularly partner on innovative and impactful social media content including this World AIDS Day Man on the Street video produced by Josh Robbins.


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